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Applied Anatomy - Instalment Option

Have you ever been confused when learning about anatomy? Particularly when trying to apply anatomical knowledge to the gym floor? If so, don't worry; we understand your struggle. This course is orientated towards teaching you theory that is useful and that has major practical application. Just listing each and every muscle and joint in the body is not going to cut it, and context is important. Furthermore, experience and practical application is what will cement this theoretical knowledge in your mind - theory on its own tends to fade away. Our goal is to map theory onto practice, and provide you with the best opportunity to learn anatomy.


1. Pre-course Fundamentals

Comprising three modules, the Pre-Course Fundamentals aims to deliver a foundational understanding of functional anatomy and biomechanics whilst covering some key principles that will be expanded on throughout the remainder of the course. 


2. Muscle Anatomy

As coaches, we don’t need to know every single muscle, but rather, we need to know and more importantly understand the function of the relevant muscles that predominate our client’s training. Solely memorising muscle names and locations won’t get you anywhere, they will only exist as individual factoids in your mind – the goal of this course is to integrate factual information, with both conceptual and perceptual knowledge. In Muscle Anatomy, we will explore each muscle group and identify the relevant individual muscles and their functions as it pertains to the movement of joints, all in the context of resistance training. 


3. Applied Anatomy

In Applied Anatomy, we aim to transcend your newfound factual understanding into conceptual and perceptual knowledge. This final aspect of the course will involve the application of anatomical knowledge on the gym floor – as we run through several exercises and learn how to best execute them for the desired outcome which is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our training.